Who we are?

Studylink group (SLG) was formally registered on the 2nd of February 2015. SLG have experiences in promoting Australian Education through recruiting and counselling overseas students who wish to study in Australia. The team members at SLG have had more than 10 years experience in the field of Education and Consultancy Service. Also, they have built a strong relationship and professional growth with the International Institutions and Education Authorities namely Jordan, Lebanon, UAE, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries. In addition, our agency currently have three branches: two in Australia and one in Lebanon. We also have Marketing Managers from Malaysia & Philippines and to further establish a growing business in these two countries.

Our marketing strategy invests mainly in Human Resources to build a good reputation that attributes ourselves with high standards and outstanding service.  We derive excellent service through sponsoring educational exhibitions in the institutions, organising seminars and conferences and advertising in social media.

Studylink Group executes and strives hard to keep a professional image in discovering new and improved strategies to enhance our work and marketing plans.